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Christina Aguilera partners with New Dana, and signs on as the official spokesperson for the Fetish line of cosmetics.

Eddie Kritzer, Executive Consultant of CBS KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS, creator of ROCKLINE and founder of THE GLOBAL SATELLITE NETWORK (now part of the AM/FM CLEAR CHANNEL GROUP) has secured Christina Aguilera for New Dana, and the Fetish brand.

Mr. Kritzer approached New Dana and their CEO Mr. Bob Bartlett and he agreed that branding Fetish with a major music star was paramount to their brand, after careful consideration Grammy Winning artist Christina Aguilera agreed to partner with the Fetish brand, to be launched early 2001. Christina will be picking the colors, product formulation, and packaging for Fetish in addition to lending her face to the brand.

Mr. Kritzer will be actively involved in marketing and promotion and will be working very closely with Christina Aguilera, New Dana, and Christina's manager Irving Azoff, in making this one of the most successful brands in the world.